RCMA Setting Powder

An essential tool in the inventory of all professional makeup artists, the RCMA powder made available by Cheek FX online Store, allows for a firmer foundation and base for professional makeups.

The no colour RCMA powder sold on cheek FX store makes for an excellent and smooth makeup texture. It is especially good for people with oily skin as otherwise, their makeup can look flakey and chalky. It has no colour and so it doesn’t alter or discolour the makeup or concealer that has been applied.

Another product for sale in Cheek FX online store is the Translucent RCMA powder. This is a marginally different product from the no colour RCMA powder as it contains slight amounts of colour pigments in it that give this powder a more fleshy tone. Translucent RCMA powder can be used to enhance the flesh-like texture of makeup or to give a makeup foundation some flesh-like colour without reapplying the foundation again.

Check out the Cheek FX online store to get your hands on this amazing product at an astonishingly inexpensive prices.

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