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BN Pro Creme Colors | Auguste 1OZ


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Ben Nye Grease and Clown Makeup is ideal for clown makeup, character makeup, theatrical performances, Halloween makeup and when a long lasting makeup is required. Ben Nye makeup has been used throughout Hollywood, Broadway, and in schools for over the past 30 years and their products are known throughout the industry for quality and consistency. Ben Nye makeup is made in the USA with top quality FDA compliant ingredients.

Application: Ben Nye grease make up can be applied with a brush, sponge, or your fingers. Once applied to the skin and set with a setting powder, Ben Nye Clown Makeup can withstand sweat and can last an entire day. Grease makeup blends easily and Ben Nye colors are bold and stay vibrant even after applying setting powder.

Removal: Remove Ben Nye Clown Makeup with baby oil or makeup remover.

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