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Although most of the appliances can be worn in several places, it is best to check for proper alignment of some pieces. Brush Cinema Secrets® Spirit Gum on the back of the Woochie® appliance anywhere it the will be touching the skin. Spirit Gum may also be applied directly to the skin, especially on larger pieces. Position the Woochie® appliance onto the skin in the desired area and press into place. Edges may be trimmed for a better fit. For best adhesion, remove the Woochie® appliance and use the appliance itself (or your index finger) to tack the Spirit Gum with a rapid up and down motion. This will cause the Spirit Gum to become extremely tacky. Then firmly press the appliance back into place.
Optional Suggestions for a more professional look
For thinner edges, after applying the Woochie® appliance to your skin with Spirit Gum, the edges of the Woochie® appliance may be stippled, using a small piece of White Latex Sponge, with a thin coat of Cinema Secrets® Flesh Latex. Allow this to dry before applying a second coat. A hair dryer set on low will help speed up the drying time. Powder the dried latex when finished.
After the adhering the Woochie® appliance you may want to make your piece blend in better. To do this you will need either the Cinema Secrets® RMG Dermal Palette and Colorless Powder or Flesh Stack, Castor Sealer, and Colorless Powder. Begin by tearing a white latex sponge in half, and using the rough side of the sponge, place a small amount of Castor Sealer on the sponge and dip the sponge into the color that comes closest to matching your skin tone. Apply makeup to Woochie® appliance in a patting, or “stippling,” motion. Next using the darker makeup color, shade the Woochie® appliance in the appropriate areas. Lastly, using the lightest of the makeup colors, apply the makeup to the highpoints of the Woochie® appliance. Finally, powder the Woochie® appliance using Colorless Powder to set the makeup.
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